The flight case is a transport luggage ideal to protect the Tapping Machine while traveling to reach the customer and, for example, it protects the machine from damages due to the air transport.
The project of this case has been studied accurately. It is stuffed with expanded material with high energy absorbing that helps protecting the machine in case of extreme falls.

FC50 is made of a “sandwich” made up of an external anodized embossed aluminum paper and an inner support that gives the machine stability, and it has steel smooth corner pads.
It is upholstered inside with expanded materials with different values of density to absorb the potential hits.
The transport handle, the joint and the latches are recessed inside one side of the machine, to avoid problems due to the stowage.
Inside we have obtained a useful compartment to place accessories like the AC power cable, the remote control and the small owner’s manual.
Dimensions: 72 cm x 36,5 cm x 21 cm (L x H x P)
Weight: 10 kg



The 25.2 volt 4500 mAh Ni-MH BP 50 battery pack, guarantees a continuous functioning of the Tapping Machine for 45 minutes or 50 hours in Stby mode.
It is RoHs compliant and it has a self reactivating fuse.

It takes from 8 to 10 hours to reach the complete charge and it is not necessary to remove it from the Tapping Machine because it is equipped with an intelligent battery charger that turns off when the charge is completed.

If required a IATA certification can be provided (often essential for air transfers) in order to certify the conformity and the safety of this kind of product.



_DSC2623BAG50 is a practical stuffed shoulder bag for the Tapping Machine, ideal for short transfers, useful to carry it inside the construction site keeping it away from dust and accidental hits.
Inside the bag, in the specific compartment, the power cable supply, the remote control and the small owner’s manual can be placed.

Dimensions: 64 cm x 28,5 cm x 14,5 cm (L x H x P)
Weight: 2 kg




Tapping machine for Impact Sound Transmission TestingThe RC 50W 434 MHz kit, is a nearly essential optional (chosen by the majority of our customers) to install on the Sources Line Tapping Machine, composed of a practical (TX) transmitter+ (RX) receptacle placed inside and an “invisible anti-wreckage” antenna that lets you control the Tapping Machine with turn-on/turn-off functions (MONOSTABLE FUNCTION) letting the signal pass through walls and crawl spaces.
In open field it can reach a distance of 40 metres.